DIY – I heart leggings!

I have no particular runway inspiration for this one but I’m loving patterned, printed and patch leggings! Leggings are a staple for winter and decorative leggings just seem to be everywhere! – stripes, hearts, aztec, polka dots, florals, various prints like galaxy, plants, giraffe, crazy swirls in rainbow colours – okay everywhere on the internet 😦 So I decided to make my own heart patch leggings 🙂


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What you need:

  • Leggings
  • Felt
  • Paper
  • Paper scissors
  • Fabric scissors (optional)
  • Pencil
  • Pin
  • Needle and thread (or fabric glue and a safety pin, if you prefer not to sew)

First you have to make a heart template. Fold your (scrap) piece of paper in half – I believe in recycling:) Draw half a heart on the folded edge, considering how big you would like your heart patches to be

Making a template this way ensures that your heart is symmetrical. Once happy with your heart shape, cut it out with paper scissors

Unfold and flatten your heart template and you will now have a perfectly symmetrical heart like mine

Pin your heart template onto your felt

Carefully cut around your heart template and then repeat the process using the same heart template to cut out another felt heart

You will now have two identical felt hearts

Now you need to decide where you want to place your hearts, it doesn’t have to be on the knees it can be anywhere! You can make as many hearts as you like, be creative!

If you are placing the hearts on your knees, the best way to place it is by putting the leggings on and then trying different positions. Once decided, use the needle and thread to tack the hearts in place. (If you are going for the glue option then use a safety pin to tack, do not glue while you are wearing them!)

Now take your leggings off and either glue or sew. If you are gluing put a piece of paper or something inside each leg to prevent the possibility of gluing your leggings together – disaster!

If sewing the heart patches on, decide which stitch you prefer – running stitch, blanket stitch etc – I did a running stitch, its quick and super easy! In the photo you can see that I have secured my heart’s position with two rough tacks (middle and left side) and have stitched half my heart

I recommend sewing because when you get tired of the heart patches, you can easily unpick the stitches and sew a different patch or customize in a different way

Once you have sewn your heart patch, remove the temporary tacks and repeat the process for the other leg 🙂


About nezeliacoskey

I’ve always loved clothes since a young age and have fond memories of my mom teaching me how to sew and knit. I would rather sew simple outfits for my dolls than play with them. Over the years I found that standard sizes in shops never seemed to fit right and that’s where I taught myself to tailor and customise my clothes and now I get to design them! I am a first year fashion design student and even though there are ups and downs to studying and moving to a different city to follow my dreams, there is nothing I would rather be doing and I love every moment of it! I am a creative person and I’ll always be caught making and creating something, I also love to paint and bake! I love to laugh and get joy out of simple things in life like blowing bubbles over my apartment balcony. The title “Cut Up The Runway” is a play on words that depicts what my blog is about. My blog is fashion focused consisting of runway reports, the diary of a fashion student (me), a step-by-step DIY clothing creations guide and anything else that makes my eyes sparkle. There is a literal and figurative meaning to the heading. Figuratively, cutting the runway means analysing it and reporting on it. The literal meaning is the physical cutting of clothes, my DIY clothing aspect. Runway reports on major fashion shows, that I’ve either scored free tickets for or managed to sneak into (a student budget does not make room for tickets.) Pictures of fellow fashion students that have particularly trendy or interesting outfits on and writing short pieces on moments that are worth sharing and gave me a good laugh. My step-by-step clothing DIY guides will be for fashion addicts on a budget, taking your wasted wardrobe and turning old garments into current runway inspired outfits and accessories.
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2 Responses to DIY – I heart leggings!

  1. cheekbonesandcouture says:

    That is brilliant! x

  2. holly says:

    x Love the heart leggings x

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